Aria Sahand Industrial Group of Tabriz, constructed in an area of 40,000 square meters in the Industrial Zone of Akhola is one of the companies affiliated with the Hamlkari Holding in 2016, enjoys the technical and scientific potential of local experts. With the aim of producing pipes, profiles and boxes as well as production of various types of steel pipes has been established. The feasibility of construction of this factory after several decades of activity in the field of export and import of various types of hardware and metal sheets and construction of sheds and huge iron structures of various factories in Iran was provided and will continue in development phases.

The monthly production capacity of the factory is equivalent to 6,000 tons per month, which can be increased to 12,000 tons by launching development phases. By achieving this production target, more than 120,000 tons per year will be produced in this factory, which is a unique figure in its kind.

Production of high-quality pipes, profiles and boxes in the country will cause domestic craftsmen to compete with foreign manufacturers with confidence in the quality of domestic products. In the past, the impossibility of providing the necessary materials to produce high-quality products in the furniture, cabinet, building and decorative equipment industries such as chandeliers and interior decorative tools made foreign products look more attractive.

By identifying this weakness and paving the ground by providing this important and effective infrastructure by the domestic experts of Aria Sahand Industrial Group of Tabriz, domestic manufacturers with suitable access and competitive price with foreign competitors have been able to produce high-quality products and enjoy more advantages in competition with foreign products.

During the unfair sanctions of western countries and the US, the Aria Sahand Tabriz Company, in addition to creating jobs and producing products with the quality required by the domestic market, has succeeded in increasing the capabilities of domestic producers in many areas of industry and reduce the uncontrolled import of products which is not possible to calculate the added-value of these imported products.

Also, what distinguishes the company’s products from other products on the market is the use of quality raw materials, appropriate work space, modern, accurate and advanced equipment, and the use of specialized, young and efficient personnel.

In its first phase, this factory will have a significant share in job creation by employing more than 120 efficient and specialized manpower, and by launching its development phases, it will increase the number of manpower in the administrative and technical sectors to more than 300 people.

In addition to paying attention to the needs of domestic markets, the Aria Sahand Tabriz Steel Company, has made efforts to export and meet the needs of neighboring countries, fetching more forex as one of its main goals.