Aria Sahand Tabriz receives six int’l standard certificates
May 19, 2022
Aria Sahand Tabriz Industrial Group prized as top exporter of East Azarbaijan Province
December 14, 2022

Introduction of Aria Sahand Tabriz Industrial Group products / Oval steel products

In order to diversify its products, the Aria Sahand Tabriz Industrial Group has added steel ovals to its list of products including steel boxes, steel pipes and profiles.

The industrial group has now included two types of oval steelproducts including 22*38 and 16*31 to its products.

‌The number of products will increase based on the market request and customer orders in the future, and the Aria Sahand Tabriz Industrial Grouphas the potential to produce oval steel products in various sizes based on the client’s order and needs.

The oval steel products produced in the industrial group are supplied to the target market and customers in thicknesses of 0.7mm to 2 mm.

‌ The products ofthe Aria Sahand Tabriz Industrial Groupare used in various industries including automobile manufacturing, decorative industries, home appliances, bicycle manufacturing, building construction, cabinet making, furniture making as well as a wide range of other industries.

The full list of oval steel productsbythe Aria Sahand Tabriz Industrial Group can be observed by referring to the products tab on the company’s official website.