Officials of Ashura Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps visit Aria Sahand Tabriz Industrial Group
September 12, 2020
Introduction of Aria Sahand Tabriz Industrial Groupproducts/ Steel boxes
March 18, 2021

Representative of Supreme Leader in East Azerbaijan visits Aria Sahand Tabriz Industrial Group

The representative of the Supreme Leader in East Azarbaijan Province paid a visit to the capabilities, products and production line of the Aria Sahand Tabriz Industrial Group.

Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad-Ali Al-e Hashem, during his visit to the Aria Sahand Tabriz Industrial Group held a meeting with the managers of this company and referring to the valuable measures taken in the field of production, said: I feel proud to see this factory and the measures that have been taken for its production and employment.

He added this factory has been set up with the efforts of compassionate people noting that the products such as profiles, pipes and cans that are produced in this industrial unit are unique in their kind and in this region.

Ayatollah Al-e Hashem emphasized: “Appreciating these respectful staff who are working for the realization of a resistance economy is the least that can be done and we hope that the government and other officials provide the necessary support to these entrepreneurs and craftsmen.”

The Aria Sahand Tabriz Industrial Group started in 2016 by using the technical and scientific potential of domestic experts and with the aim of producing various types of pipes, cans and profiles. The monthly production capacity of this factory in the current phase is equal to 6,000 tons per month, which has created job for more than 120 people directly and for 1,350 people indirectly.